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2022 Harlingen Resident Survey (English)
Major Categories of City Services
Overall quality of police services
Overall quality of city parks and facilities
Overall maintenance of city buildings and facilities
Overall quality of customer service you receive from city employees
Overall flow of traffic and congestion management in the city
Overall quality of city cultural arts events
Overall quality of fire services
Overall quality of recreation programs
Overall quality of city water and sewer utilities
Overall effectiveness of city communication with the public
Overall quality of the city’s solid waste system (trash, recycling, brush collection)
Overall quality of emergency medical services
Overall maintenance of city streets
Overall enforcement of city codes and ordinances
Overall quality of the city's storm water runoff/storm water management system
Overall quality of the city library
Which THREE of the Major Categories of City Services do you think should receive the most emphasis from city leaders over the next TWO Years?
1st Priority

2nd Priority

3rd Priority

Perceptions of the City
Harlingen as a place to live
Harlingen as a place to retire
Overall appearance of Harlingen
The overall effectiveness of city management
Harlingen as a place to raise children
Overall image of Harlingen
Harlingen as a welcoming community for people of diverse backgrounds
Harlingen as a place to start a business
Harlingen as a place to work
Overall quality of life in Harlingen
The overall quality of leadership provided by Harlingen's elected officials
City Maintenance
Condition of major city streets
Timing of traffic signals on city streets
Appearance and condition of city medians, right-of-ways and public areas
Overall cleanliness of streets and public areas
Condition of streets in your neighborhood
Traffic flow on major city streets
Adequacy of city street lighting
Condition of landscaping along public streets
Condition of sidewalks in your neighborhood
Pedestrian accessibility (The City’s sidewalk system/network-number/availability of sidewalks)
Condition of pavement markings on city streets
Which TWO of the City Maintenance services listed above do you think should receive the most emphasis from City leaders over the next TWO Years?
1st Priority for City Maintenance

2nd Priority for City Maintenance

Public Safety Services
Quality of police protection
Police response time
Enforcement of traffic laws
Quality of fire protection
9-1-1 service provided by operators
Visibility of police in neighborhoods
Efforts to prevent crime
Quality of animal control services
Fire personnel emergency response time
9-1-1 response time from first responders: ambulance-fire-police
Visibility of police in retail areas
Police safety education programs
Quality and accessibility of municipal court services (traffic/collection/fines)
Quality of fire safety education programs
Disaster preparedness public education
Which TWO of the Public Safety Services items listed above do you think should receive the most emphasis from city leaders over the next TWO Years?
1st Priority for Public Safety Services

2nd Priority for Public Safety Services

Feeling of Safety
In your neighborhood during the day
In commercial and retail areas
Traveling by bicycle in Harlingen
In your neighborhood at night
Overall in the City
In the City’s parks/trails/recreational areas
Downtown after dark
Enforcement of City Codes and Ordinances
Overall responsiveness of city code enforcement staff
Efforts to enforce exterior maintenance and upkeep of residential property
Enforcement of weedy lots, abandoned vehicles, graffiti
Degree to which code violations are a problem
City effort to enforce code violations
Efforts to identify abandoned or unsafe properties
Cleanliness in your neighborhood
Clean-up of debris/litter
Efforts to remove dilapidated structures
Enforcement of loud music
Residential and Neighborhood Services
Quality of drinking water
Quality of wastewater services
Quality of drainage infrastructure
Parks and Recreation
Quality of city parks
Number, quality, and condition of swimming pools and splash pads
Quality of adult sports programs
Recreational opportunities
Number and location of city parks
Quality of city sponsored events and activities
Quality of outdoor athletic fields
Quality of city golf course
Number, quality, and condition of walking and biking trails
Quality of youth sports programs
Quality of picnic, pavilion areas, playgrounds at city parks
Quality and availability of accessible routes to and from playgrounds
Customer Service
Have you called or visited the City with a question, problem, or complaint during the past 12 months?
If you answered YES: How did you contact the City? Select one. If you contacted the City in multiple ways, please select the method you were most likely to use.

How easy or difficult was it to address your issue?

City Communication
Quality of the City’s website
City’s efforts to keep you informed
Quality of the City’s social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)
Level of public involvement in local decision-making
Availability of information on City services and programs
Transparency of City government
Which of the following are your primary sources of information about City issues, services, and events?

If you selected Other please share with us your favorite source for information
Development Services
Building inspections
Quality of communication during the development process
Obtaining a residential building permit
Obtaining a commercial building permit
Overall quality of your local schools
Overall condition of your local schools
Community Needs
Senior services
Youth centers
New home construction
Rental assistance
Street lighting in residential areas
Fair housing counseling
Child care programs
Energy conservation
Crime prevention and public safety
Historic preservation (remodeling of buildings)
Senior centers
Public housing
Housing repairs or reconstruction assistance for homeowners
Housing for elderly
Homeless population services
Substance abuse services
Education programs
Recreational services
Welfare services
Youth services
Transitional or temporary housing
Down payment assistance
New sidewalk construction in residential areas
Veterans services
Job training programs
Health services
Services to assist victims of domestic violence and abuse
Parking facilities - Parking Lots
Which TWO of the items listed above do you think should receive the most emphasis from city leaders over the next TWO years?
1st Priority for City Leaders

2nd Priority for City Leaders

Respondent Information
Do you have access to a computer?
Which of the following best describes where you reside?
In the last 12 months, did you or anybody in your household:

Do you have access to internet at home?
Which of the following best describes your housing situation?
If yes, is your internet access wireless?
How many years have you lived in Harlingen?
What is your age group?

What category does your TOTAL household income fall in?

In what district do you live?

Please check the statement(s) that applies to members of your household. (Check all that apply.)

Please indicate the highest level of education you have obtained.

What else would you like city officials to know about your vision for Harlingen’s future?
What is your race/ethnicity?

What is your gender?
Please provide your contact information if you would like to be entered into a drawing for prizes the City is offering in exchange for completing this survey (optional).
All responses to this survey are confidential.
Only aggregate results will be shared for the purpose of improving city operations and services to the community.

Thank you!

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