Public Works Department - Recycling Center
Harlingen Proud is a volunteer organization, whose purpose is to educate the community on the facts contributing to littering behavior, establish programs to deter littering, encourage beautification, save taxpayers money by extending the life of the area landfill through conservation and recycling measures, promote volunteerism and to provide a clean and safe environment in which to live.
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City of Harlingen Recycling Center
1006 South Commerce
Harlingen, Texas  78550
(956) 427-8824
Hours:  M - F  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sat. 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



Program Goal
Expand and implement programs that help divert the solid waste stream away from the Landfill/Transfer Station to improve the quality of life. 

Expand workplace recycling at school campuses and commercial establishments
Look for markets to sell recyclable materials.
Implement work program during the summer months to clean and beautify the city.
Increase awareness with Public Education Programs




FY 2009-2010        FY 2010-2011

FY 2011-2012        
FY 2012-2013

FY 2013-2014

Materials We Accept for Recycling:

Cardboard:  Brown corrugated boxes, Shoe and Food boxes that are either brown or gray on the inside.   No boxes that are white on the inside or coated with a wax or plastic.

Newspaper:  Entire paper.. Please remove any plastic bags from the papers.

Paper:  Letters, Junk Mail, School Papers, Forms, Computer Paper.  No tissues, paper towels or napkins.

Aluminum:  Cans only.   No aluminum foil or single use pans.

Steel:  Tin Cans, Wire Hangers, Misc. small pieces of steel, refrigerators, AC units, and washers.

Plastic # 1:  This type of plastic has on the bottom of the bottle a triangle made of 3 arrows with a number 1 in the middle.  These bottles includes:  Soda Bottles, Sport Drink Bottles,  Juice Bottles and water bottles.

Plastic # 2:  This type of plastic on the bottom of the bottle a triangle made of 3 arrows with a number 2 in the middle.  These bottles include:  Milk Bottles and Soap Bottles.

PLEASE NOTE!!   Remove all bottle caps and throw into the trash.  Also RINSE OUT the milk bottles with a small amount of water and crush the bottles.

Plastic Bags:  Only grocery type Bags and Newspaper Bags are recyclable.  The Bags need to be clean, be sure you remove everything from the Bag including the cash register receipt.  Please throw all other Plastic Bags into your trash.

Plastic Foam Packing Peanuts:   Remove any contamination from the peanuts.

Automotive Batteries:  Lead-acid batteries only.

Used Automotive Oil:  Household do it yourself oil changers only, no Commercial Oil.  No Oil Filters!  Oil filters may be taken to most Auto Parts Stores for recycling at no cost.

Styrofoam:  Packing material, egg cartons.


Things that are not Recycled:

 Plastic Packaging Film  All Plastic Bottles Except #S 1 & 2
 Plastic Toys  Plastic Food Storage Containers
 Aluminum Foil  Aluminum Single Use Pans
 Antifreeze  Oil Filters
 Glass  Combination Steel & Cardboard Containers
 White on the Inside Food Boxes  Waxed or Plastic Coated Food or Drink Boxes
 Electronic Equipment - TV's  Paper Towels, Tissues or Napkins
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