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City of Harlingen Fire Depart.
Fire Administration:
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Employment Information:
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Fire Prevention/Code Enforcement:
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The Harlingen Fire Department with a fire force of 109 members and 3 administrative staff is responsible for fire and rescue services to the City of Harlingen, Combes, Palm Valley, Primera, and approximately 60 square miles of Cameron County.  The department maintains seven fire stations on ready-status, twenty-four hours a day throughout the year. 
 Our Goal is  to deliver Fire Suppression, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services to the citizens of Harlingen and surrounding areas by providing a well-trained professional work force.

The First and Foremost Objective of the Harlingen Fire Department is to serve, without prejudice or favoritism, all citizens of the City of Harlingen, Cameron County and neighboring cities by safeguarding their lives and properties against the perils of fires, explosions, hazardous materials, emergency medical and any other threatening force that falls within our realm of jurisdiction and responsibilities.








The Harlingen Fire Department is divided into a number of divisions and sections.  The following is a brief description of the Harlingen Fire Department major divisions.

The Operation Division is the Harlingen Fire Department largest division.  Personnel assigned to this division respond to emergency incidents from fire stations located throughout the community.  The personnel are assigned to a specific 24-hour shift ("A", "B", or "C").  Each shift has two Captains which are responsible for their respective Fire Districts.

The Operation Division responds to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous material incidents, rescue, Aircraft & Rescue Firefighting and other emergencies.  Shift personnel conduct pre-fire planning inspections of businesses and apartments within their respective districts:

*  Participate in continuing education classes and practical skills training
*  Maintain the fire apparatus, equipment and fire stations
*  Present public education programs to schools and day cares, gives fire station tours, and participate in community events.



Christmas Tree Safety 2011

Fire Prevention:
The Fire Prevention Bureau is an essential component of the Harlingen Fire Department.  A Deputy Chief oversees the Fire Prevention Bureau and serves as the city’s Fire Marshal.  A Captain serves as Assistant Fire Marshal.  There are also 2 Fire Inspectors assigned to this Division.  The City has adopted the 2003 International Codes and all 16 volumes of the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.).  The Fire Prevention Bureau uses the National Fire Incident Reporting System (N.F.I.R.S.) to assist with the determination where the most serious fire problems occur within the municipality

Training Division:
The Training Division has the responsibility to provide quality instruction and programs to all fire personnel in order to develop their professional skills.

Fire Administration:
The Fire Administration Division, headed by the Fire Chief, Michael J. Rinaldi, is responsible for the overall operation of the Fire Department.   Fire Administration is responsible for the development of the annual budget.

The Assistant Fire Chief is responsible for operations, purchasing and  personnel management.    The Harlingen Fire Department Administration staff prepares payroll and maintains account payables records.  The Administration staff also prepares the Fire Department's Annual Budget.

Office Emergency Management:

The Office of Emergency Management was integrated into the Harlingen Fire Department in 1995.  The Fire Chief is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Harlingen.

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for:

    WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)    Maintaining the Emergency Management Plan
    WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)    Managing the Emergency Operation Center
    WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)    Conducting annual disaster exercises
    WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)    Coordinating the planning and preparedness activities of City Government
    WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)  
 Preparing and maintaining a resource inventory



The Harlingen Fire Department is a paramilitary organization with the following rank structure:  Firefighter, Driver, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and Fire Chief.  Promotions to all ranks below the Assistant Fire Chief are decided solely by scores on a written civil service examination.  The Assistant Fire Chief is appointed by the Fire Chief.

Operational personnel make up most of the fire department.   Firefighters assigned to operations work a 24-hour shift and are off for 48 hours.   The firefighting staff is divided into three shifts ("A", "B", & "C").  Firefighters are assigned to a team on a particular fire apparatus (engine, aerial truck, rescue unit) at a fire station.

A Lieutenant is in charge of a fire company and is the ranking supervisor.  Lieutenants are also responsible for their respective fire stations.

A Captain is responsible for three or more companies which are assigned particular districts.  The City is divided into two districts with a Captain in charge of each district.

A Battalion Chief is assigned to training and a deputy chief is assign to the Fire Prevention Office as the Fire Marshal.  One Assistant Chief is appointed by the Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief is appointed by the City Manager with the approval of the City Commission.


Operating Budget FY 08/09 
  (Includes Fire Prevention)
Square Miles Served
   In City 38.8
   In County 60
FY 2003-2004
   Number of Alarms 2255
   Number of Medical Emergencies 210
   Uniformed 109
   Civilian 3
Fire Station 6
Aircraft Fire Rescue Station 1
Fire Engines 6
Reserve Engines 2
Aerial Trucks 2
Rescue Units 1
Aircraft Fire Rescue 2
Brush Unit 1
Tanker Unit 1


Fire Department Management Chief.JPG

Michael J. Rinaldi,  Fire Chief

Office Phone #: (956) 216-5700

E-Mail Address: 

Organizations/Office Held:
Harlingen Firemen's Relief and Retirement,  Chairman 
National Fire Protection Association  (Service)
International Association of Fire Chiefs  (Service)
Texas Association of Fire Chiefs  (Service)
State Firemen's & Fire Marshal's Association of Texas TEXPERS  (Service)

Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, Coin and Gun collecting.  Spending time with family.

Fire Prevention Management Warner, Asst Marshall2.jpg

Danny Warner, Fire Marshal

Office Phone #: (956) 216-5792

E-Mail Address:

2005         A.A.S. in Fire Service Administration
2007     B. S. in Public Safety Administration

 Other Training/Education:

Master Structural Fire Fighter, as certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Master Level III Instructor, as certified by the Texas Commission of Fire Protection
Master Fire Inspector, as certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Master Fire Investigator, as certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Master Arson Investigator, as certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Driver/Operator – Pumper, as certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Emergency Medical Technician – Basic, as certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services
Peace Officer – Basic, as certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education

Notary Public

Historical Information:
1992 - 1993            San Benito Fire Department
1993 Present             Harlingen Fire Department
01-10-2007 – Present   Serving as the Assistant Fire Marshal

Organizations/Offices Held: 
International Association of Fire Fighters  (Member)
International Association of Arson Investigators  (Member)
State Firemen’s and Fire Marshal’s Association  (Member)
Texas Fire Marshals Association  (Member)
South Texas Fire Investigator’s Association   (Member)
Valley Building Officials Association   (Member)
American Association of Notaries  (Member) Rodriguez 3.jpg

Cirilo Rodriguez Jr., Assistant Fire Chief

Office Phone #: (956) 216-5704

E-Mail Address:

1978     Harlingen High School

Other Training/Education:
Level III Instructor Certified by the Texas Commission of Fire Protection
Structural Fire Fighter
Hazard Material Technician
Aircraft Rescue Firefighters
Emergency Basic Instructor

Historical Information:
1989 - Present    Harlingen Fire Department
                            Battalion Chief/Training Coordinator

Organizations/Offices Held:
Rio Grande Valley Emergency Training Alliance (Fire Academy), (President)

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