Planning & Development - Building Inspections Department
Mission Statement:
Protect the health safety and welfare of citizens by ensuring that proper procedures and building codes are followed in the construction of structures throughout the City.
  • Review commercial and residential permit submissions for compliance with current building codes
  • Issue permits
  • Schedule and conduct inspections during various stages of construction for code compliance
  • Inspection and post unsafe structures and require necessary repairs or condemn and demolish unsafe structures
  • Continuing education for staff and contractors
Esmael Ortega, Jr., Chief Building Official
Lon C. Hill Building
502 East Tyler Ave.
Harlingen, Texas  78550
Office Phone #: (956) 216-5167
Fax #: (956) 216-5168

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Building Permits Why and How?
Building Codes How do they help You?
A Guide to obtaining a Building Permit

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Monthly Permit Issued Reports

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Annual 2004 Report        
Annual 2005 Report
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Annual 2007 Report
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Annual 2010 Report
Annual 2011 Report
Annual 2012 Report

Fiscal  06 - 07 Report
Fiscal  07 - 08 Report
Fiscal  08 - 09 Report
Fiscal  09 - 10 Report
Fiscal  10 - 11 Report    
Fiscal  11 - 12 Report
List of Applicable Adopted Codes
Commercial Permit Application
Contractor's Registration Form
Permit Fees and Schedule
Sign Permit Application
Swimming Pool Permit Application
Residential Permit Application 
Reoccupancy Application
Moving Route Application
Driveway-Curb Cut Application

Demolition Application
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